Thursday, March 22, 2007

Using the content network

Yesterday, I received a mail form one of my contacts that included the following sentence: "So you are Ohad from the blog. It's about time you updated it". I've taken this advice and this post is for you Alon.

Google Adwords allows advertisers to use the content network in addition to the search network, but most advertisers complain that they can't justify using the content network as it brings very low conversions. What I found was that if you separate your content network into another campaign and manage it as a different entity that does not behave like the search network, it can become a very useful channel. While this does not necessarily work for all my clients, for some of my campaigns the content network brought a better ROI then the search network.

The next campaign you open, try the following process:
1. create a campaign for the search network only and run it for a week.
2. optimize this campaign as you go along adding keywords and modifying ads.
3. After a week, copy this campaign into a new campaign targeted only at the content network
4. When adding a new keyword to the search network, make sure that it is also added to the content network

Let me know if it works for you