Friday, June 20, 2008

Republix widget - Will blog for widgets

Hi all,
As I usually write in all my current posts... it's been a while since my last post :)
It's not easy getting back to weekly posting but I am making the effort to get back there.
In the mean time, here is an exciting widget that I placed in my blog by a company named Republix. I have been involved with them for the past few month and believe that their widget will change the way users interact in content sites. What Republix does is to integrate content sites with social networks by providing a widget that allows users to view what their friends read on the site they are on and interact with them. All users need to do to start enjoying the Republix widget is to click on the widget (left bar in this blog), install the Republix Facebook app and start communicating with friends over this site and others. While still in a closed beta, this is an amazing widget, but why trust me? Try it for yourself.

If you want this widget for your site as well, please comment here with a brief description of your site, traffic.