Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What your homepage tells about you

What is the default page that loads when you open your browser? Is it a blank page or is it a local news portal? Maybe it's one of those new personalized homepages such as Netvibes or My Yahoo? If you are a corporate user then it might be your company's website or intranet site.
It could be your browser's default webpage such as MSN for Internet Explorer.

Here are some options for your home page and what that says about you:

  1. Blank page - You like your envoirnment to be clean and organized. you probably get upset when your space is messed up.
  2. News page - You have a lot of spare time at work and like to read around when nobody is looking.
  3. Sports page - You know what interests you and need to keep up to date with the latest soccer news (the Mondial is just around the corner)
  4. Company's website - You are the company's owner
  5. Company Intranet - You are a hard working employee.
  6. Personalized homepage - Internet freak. You are doing what everyone else will be doing in a few month.
If you disagree with me or have some more ideas for this list, send me your comments.

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