Friday, May 05, 2006

File compression

Most users who wish to send a large file via email use software to compress it.
Compression is a way to decrease the size of a file without affecting the way it looks to the user after decompression. There are quite a few algorithms to compress files, some are file type specific and "understand" what the file structure looks like, while others are more generic and handle all file types. The most common compression software used today are winzip and WinRar.
A new Israeli company by the name of Infirma claims to compress files using it's new compression software better then anyone else in the market by "understanding" the content of the file to be archived and utilizing one of several algorithms most suited for the job.

Are you using another software not mentioned here? is it any good?

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The Jam Perspective said...


but what was the point of that digg, what you should do is round up as many as possible, (rar, ace, zip, 7-zip ect.. ect..) and test them all on a variaty of file types (doc and xls, mp3, avi, and raw dat data) to see what is the best.

pretty pointless blog pimping really