Thursday, October 19, 2006

Adwords tips - coming soon

Coming soon to this blog... Some posts on Adwords campaign management.
While there are many PPC platforms, I believe that today Adwords is the best one, especially for someone just making their first steps into search engine marketing.

Here's a quick tip for now.
When selecting keywords for your campaign try using the following groups:
1. Your brand name - choose keywords that remind potential customers of your brand, product or company.
2. Product category - select keywords that describe your product or customer requirements. If you are selling mobile phones, a good keyword would be "GSM"
3. Competition - use your competitors brand and product names. Use this group only if there is already a dominant competitor in your field that customers know it's brand.
4. It's related - profile your potential customers to find out what other stuff interests them and try buying keywords related to their interests. This is probably the least effective group and should be priced accordingly.

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