Monday, October 09, 2006

Technorati tags and searches

Have you ever looked at technorati's popular page? It shows the top tags posted as well as the top tags people search for. There is a lot of insight to be gained from comparing the two lists.
If you substract the posted tags from the searched ones, you can come up with content that people are searching for but that is not that often posted about. Let's check today's list for example (listed below). The tag Video is searched for but not tagged. I see that so does the combination of Google Youtube which is only partially covered in the Youtube tag. I think the interest in Video/Google/Youtube comes from the expected anouncement of Google buying Youtube.

Let's see what tomorrow brings...

Top Searches:
1. North Korea
2. Jonny
3. Taschengeld
4. Battlestar Gala...
5. Video
6. Youtube
7. Foley
8. Google Youtube
9. Anna Politkovsk...
10. Armandinho
11. Google
12. The Paranoid St...
13. Death by Instan...
14. Firefox
15. Paginas Da Vida

Top Tags:
1. Bush
2. youtube
3. North Korea
4. Iraq
5. Microsoft
6. Comedy
7. foley
8. north-korea
9. Terrorism
10. War
11. web 2.0
12. mark foley
13. Republicans
14. web-20
15. sexy

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