Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Alexa rank and power users

There's an ongoing debate in the internet marketing community on the accuracy of the alexa page rank. Alexa, is an company. Alexa's primary product is their web browser add-on toolbar that shows a numeric rank for each site visited. The top 3 ranked are:
1. Yahoo
2. MSN
3. Google

As the alexa toolbar and ranking system has become a must-have tool for internet marketeers, some feel that it does not reflect what the users like but what marketeers and other internet power users like. If such is indeed the case, then why should I care about my alexa rank (525,489 if you must know). The answer to this is simple, it depends on your target market. As my blog becomes more and more focused on internet marketing, It's relevance to marketeers increases. The connection between technology and marketing content in a blog and the alexa page rank is so tight that as soon as I started posting about adwords and PPC campaigns, my alexa rank started rapidly climbing.

What do you think? Is Alexa rank still valid? Are you using it? What for?

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