Thursday, November 16, 2006

SEO for AdSense

There are any guides online that deal with ways to maximize your adsense earnings. Some of them are true while some are not. The following guide will not teach you how to make lots of money from adsense but rather how to get your ads to be more relevant to your niche which might (or might not) generate more revenue and CTR.
As SEO is all about the content of the page let's start checking our page's structure:

1. Page title - the page title is the most important aspect of the page as far as adsense is concerned. Does it include any of your significant keywords?
2. Meta tags - consider meta tags as additional descriptors of your page. By adding a meta description and meta keywords to your page, you assist adsense (and search engine spider) in understanding the context of your page.
3. H1/Bold/Italic - When you wrap a text in your page in any of these tags, the adsense crawler knows that it should assign more weight to this text then the rest of the page. The reason for this is quite simple. If you've decided to bold a word for your readers, it must be more significant then the rest of the text.
4. Positive section targeting - section targeting allows you to let the adsense crawler, which part of your html code is more relevant by adding the following tag at the beginning of the section and adding the following tag at the end . Just don't overdo it.
5. Negative section targeting - you can also decide which sections of your page are irrelevant for adsense ads. In the case of my blog, my entire sidebar does not contribute any important content that I want the adsense crawler to use. To implement negative section targeting just place the following tag at the beginning of the section and end the section with the following tag .

Implementing these tips is a sure recipe for increased relevance of ads. Now it's your missions to write good content.

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Ranking Measures Release said...

According to the above link, websites displaying adsense take an SEO hit.

Ohad Gliksman said...

I am not sure what you mean by that. Are you referring to the fact that including non relevant content (such as adsense code) in a page can harm your SEO ranking? That might be true.

justinas said...

good ideas. But you down talk about content quality. I think only technical SEO isnt that way the blogger or web site administrator must go...