Friday, December 08, 2006

Adwords text ad approval

Last week was full of action for me as two newly signed customers ask for their adwords campaign to be up and running almost immediately. To complicate the picture, one of them asked for a campaign to promote their sales day (this was a car dealership) and had one week to run the campaign. The team I work with had this campaign created very quickly but impressions were quite low. After following up on this issue with the local Google team, it seemed like our ads have not been approved yet and were getting only minimal impressions. After some help from the good people of Google Israel, we started getting some impressions (not enough mind you) and the campaign was quite successful. While we didn't use the entire budget the customer set for us, we were the most effective channel when measured in cost per lead.

Lesson learned from this: Getting results from an adwords campaign takes time. You or your customer should never try to get results in such a short time frame.

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