Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Onslaught - a new tower game

Got some time to spare?
Here's a new cool flash game by the name of onslaught.
Onslaught is a tower defence strategy game like the ones Shock Defence, Desktop Tower Defense and Flash Circle TD. Although it holds the basic logic of these type of games, it is the one with most features that I’ve ever seen…

Firstly you don’t have to play on a single map like in the others, instead there are 7 different maps. Secondly, it has an improved tower upgrade mechanism. You can upgrade damage, rate of fire, and range individually. Lastly, the towers can perform combo attacks, meaning two or more towers can attack stronger if you place them on a correct pattern. In addition to these great features, you can use shortcuts for almost everything which makes things easier. The first 100 levels are not so hard, but it starts being a nightmare after 100…

What are you waiting for? Go play Onslaught

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