Monday, April 17, 2006

New toolbar from google offers auto completion

I have been using google toolbar in my browser for over a year now and found it to be nice, useful but not so impressive. It does serve it's purpose of saving me a click on the google link i have in my favourites when I want to search but it does not go the extra mile.

If you take a look at the (BETA) new google toolbar you will see some added features such as saving bookmarks in the toolbar, adding custom buttons, sharing of web pages with friends and more. But what caught my eyes as the most impressive change is the addition of auto completion to the search bar. while typing your searches, the new google toolbar tries to guess the phrase you type based on your search history and common search phrases.

This is a real major change in the way i use the search bar and allowed me to find stuff faster... much faster.

Are you using it yet?


Anonymous said...

once you try tabbed browsing, you don't go back... Firefox is my choice

Blogmill said...

I am starting to dislike Google very much.