Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Getting paid to play games

You cannot possibly imagine how excited I was yesterday to receive an email from about participating in their closed beta. Moola (which I am still not sure where their name came from) is a new company that has developed an online gaming platform in which players get to compete against each other for real money.
where does the money come from? It comes from commercials shown to you before each game (and to keep us honest, they ask a question about the commercial shown). Each time you play against another player, one of you gets the total amount of both your wagers.

The games
Moola currently features only 2 games.
The first game is called "Gold Rush" which is played in 6 rounds. In each round the player has to choose one of his 6 gold nuggets (numbered from 1 to 6) and place them on a scale against the pther player's choice. the winner of the round gets the value of both nuggets as well as a random nugget which is placed in the middle of the scales.
The second is named "Ro-Sham-Bo-Fu" and is a take on the classic rock,paper and scissers with a twist where in each round (6 rounds per game) one of the available choices (e.g. rock) is randomly chosen and players get bonus points for not using it wether they win or lose that round.

And now for the fun part:
I have 1 invitation left that I can share with one of you. All you have to do is to convince me that you are the one who should get it. Once I receive enough reasons, I will choose someone to get this invitation to play Moola's cool games and participate in the beta. Should that be You?

Last updated; May 31 2006

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ME Strauss said...

Moola is American slang for money -- it's not used much anymore. I'm not sure where it came from.


Ohad Gliksman said...

Hi Liz,
Thanks for the tip.
Though I consider my english to be good, some slang is beyond me.

BTW thanks for the mention in SOB business cafe.


Steven Remington said...

Moola means "root" or "foundation" in Sanskrit.

Money is sometimes perceived as our foundation.

Of course the root of all evil is the love of money.. :)

Ohad Gliksman said...

Just remembered that moola in arabic stands for spiritual leader.
Does that mean that the money is the new spiritual leader?

Rascagua said...

I own

go there today and check it out :)

free forum to discuss Moola too :)

free invites too :)