Friday, May 12, 2006

What does the boss really think about you?

I have come across a very nice tool that monitors network traffic and shows information that can be understood by non technical people. ICQsnif is an extremly powerful tool initially designed for system administrators, or at least this is what Ufasoft claims. ICQsnif is capable of sniffing (which is the network-wise equivalent to phone-tapping) traffic over your network and allows viewing the data of emails, MSN/Yahoo/ICQ messangers as well as web pages. this means you can listen to other people (I am not sure of the legal implications of this, but I've been told that the system administrator probably has some legal excuse for it) as they chat, email or browse the web. ICQsnif allows you to scan your network for computers and then decide which ones to listen to. In a modern day office network (also known as a switched enviornment) network traffic is not broadcast over the entire network but sent directly from computer to computer, this prevents us from listening to other computers without turning on a feature named "arp spoofing" which might be detected by some anti-trojan appliances.

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Anonymous said...


Id be very carefull about using this unless your an authorised admin investigateing with reasonable suspision a serios offence.

Your going to get canned PDQ

poisening switches can realy mess up your network.