Saturday, May 13, 2006 - social bookmarking

I am probably not the first to tell you about but after opening an acount there last night I thought it deserved recognition here as well. is a place to manage your bookmarks online and share them with friend or just about everyone. Like many web 2.0 applications, tries to give you control of some sort of aspect of the online experience (in their case it's bookmarks) in a web site that can be accessed from any computer with Internet connection. is tag based which means that you can assign tags to each bookmark added and see your links in a tag cloud.

What I liked most about is the way they integrate to your browser. In a very clear instructions page they show you how to add 2 buttons to your browser. One that shows your bookmarks and the other for adding new ones.

Are you using Are you using some other sort of online bookmark management tool? Let me know.

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