Sunday, July 02, 2006

Best of June posts

June was a bit of a slow month, at least af far as Ohad's Internet News is concerned.
While I have many reasons (excuses) for this, I have no plan to use them.
See my list of June's best posts:

June 4th: How the Internet changed the way we communicate
a work in progress on the Internet's effect on our communication skills

June 5th: The fastest browser
a review of browser speed test

June 19th: Red Square game - a good way to pass the time
be warned, this game is addictive

June 26th: Ajax tutorial provided by MuseStorm
a much need toturial on creating ajax web desktops

June 27th: Google VS Microsoft
a personal opinion on the Google VS Microsoft front

June 30th: Talking to a robot
robot chat trascripts always amuse me

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