Monday, June 05, 2006

Best of May posts

Following up on last month's promise to pick the best posts of the month, here is our selection of May's posts. It was much harder to select some posts while leaving others out of the list as May was definitely a strong month for us.
Here are the nominees for the best post of the May 2006:

May 1st: Making money online
A short guide to money making opportunities online.

May 7th: 3 internet sites to take to a deserted island
What Internet sites would you take with you?

May 8th: Goowy - next generation personalized dashboard
See how web based desktops let people manage their data anywhere.

May 11th: Google Trends - what are we searching for?
The latest toy from google, insight to what everyone is looking for.

May 12th: What does the boss really think about you?
It's not nice to listen to other people's conversations, even if they are chatting in the messenger or ICQ.

May 16th: Searching - can you find what you want?
The basics of information search on the web.

May 18th: Guba - the Usenet at your service
Download video and audio from newsgroups.

May 19th: CoComment - track your comments
Track your comments in a single place.

May 24th: Getting paid to play games
Is that possible? Can I get paid playing games?

May 26th: Evolutionary posts
A new style of blog posting.

May 28th: SEO tips - avoid spellchecking
My personal favorite. How spelling errors promote your search engine rank.

May 30th: ClickDragType - game with no instructions
WARNING: this is a highly addictive game.

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