Sunday, May 28, 2006

SEO tips - avoid spellchecking

SEO is one of the longest paths to bringing traffic to your site is something most site owners will agree about. It takes a while for the search engines to index your site and for your site to reach a significant position that users will see in the first page of their search results. Marketing managers who use PPC programs such as adwords and overture know that it usually pays not only to buy the keywords they are looking for but also common spelling mistakes of those words.
While reviewing my web analytics reports I found that several spelling mistakes I have made in a few posts have actually brought a lot of traffic to my site from Google as well as MSN.
The first one I caught was spelling calndar instead of calendar and the second was spelling technoraty instead of technorati. So, using intentional spelling mistakes can be a nice way to bring traffic to your site, but only if you're not ashamed for those mistakes to be pointed out by your readers.

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DJ Neawedde said...

Thanks for the comment, like your stuff here too.

Ohad Gliksman said...

We seem to be writing about similar items.
I also like your site.