Monday, October 16, 2006

Adsense multiple custom channel usage

The adsense team recently announced that multiple adsense channels can be applied to a single ad unit. How does this affect me, you ask? I think there are two important measures that I like to track by. The first is ad size (e.g. 200x200) while the second is by ad placement (e.g. homepage). A good way to implement the multiple channels would be to track by both and then use different reports to compare the values and start making changes if needed.
I have to say that this feature is really nice to have but not what I am really waiting for, which is dynamic URL channels. As a blogger, I like to see the affect of each post on my readers and my revenue. This is something that is impossible in adsense unless I define each and every post I add as a custom URL channel in adsense. I think it might be a good time for the adsense team to pick up the glove and figure some way to add this feature for us bloggers.

What other features are you missing?

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