Monday, October 16, 2006

Technorati popular abused

In a recent article, I covered the tracking of technorati's popular tags to get a sense of what people are searching for in the blogosphere. As mentioned in the previous post, you can figure out subjects that people want to read about and post about them. While playing with technorati's popular page, I came across a blog named Sissenah's space that outright copied the content in technorati's popular page tags to get a better rating in technorati. I feel that this is a serious misuse of technorati's power to connect bloggers and hurts readers as they are directed to non relevant content.

What do you think? Should such acts be allowed? Is Technorati supposed to ban this blogger or is it our job?


Anonymous said...

Whats the issue? I looked at the page and i don't see any wrong doing from the individual. And why do you pick on ONE blog? It doesn't seem fair to name just 1 blog. I looked just a few minutes ago, and there are all kinds. And its not like the individual had the links hidden! They were in clear site. Top 15 Searches, and Top 15 Tags. Look at your TAGS???

Ohad Gliksman said...

In my opinion, tags are the glue that sticks blogs together. I think the real use of the tags is to describe the posts' content and to allow readers to find RELEVANT content in an easy way. While there might be other blogs who use the same technique that Sissenah is using, this was the first blog that I've seen to implement it. By tag-bombing (a just invented term), you can get readers to your page but the content will not be relevant for them. Doing this might cause people to lose their trust of the tag system thus hurting all other bloggers. There is a common phrase in Hebrew that goes like: "everybody is pissing in the pool, but this guy is doing it from the diving board."