Saturday, October 07, 2006

The blog is e-volving

I guess it's time, I said to myself. My blog is 6 month old, has a decent amount of visitors daily as well as a growing RSS subscriber list. I think it's time to do some fine tuning.

So, where do I start?

Header: The blog's name is taking a significant part of the screen today due to it's font size. Now would be a good time to minimize it.

Description: In the past few month , this blog featured more and more articles on SEO, PPC and the art of blogging then new websites. If this is the new character of the blog, then is the blog's description still valid? The current description is "Digital culture. Learn of sites and technologies as they shape our life in the digital age". I think the new one should be focused on marketing.

Navigation bar: Our next stop is the left navigation bar. It currently shows the following elements (by order of appearance): About me, Get email updates, Archive (combined with RSS link), Previous posts and the blogger logo. I think the "About me" is in the right place but all others should be reconsidered. I think the "get email updates" should be grouped with the RSS link as a single section titled "Subscribe". Another change I want to make is to place the "Previous posts" before the archive. I think most users might find an interesting post title in the previous posts section before checking the archive.

Got any more suggestions for me? Don't be shy.

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