Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Google testing new search engine

Google is an amazing company. It never stops to release new internet related products and features. The latest product in testing is a new search engine by the name of SearchMash, which serves as a testing ground for new features. According to the about page of SearchMash, "SearchMash lets you search the internet in new ways. It is constantly evolving as we come up with ideas and figure out what works and what doesn't."
Current features include "start typing" which means that the search box reacts to what you type even if your mouse cursor is not on it, "Image search" which shows you up to 3 images for your search phrase and "reorder results" that allows you to reorder search results for yourself (can you think of a reason to do this?). All in all, this is a great initiative by Google and will allow them to test new features in a more controlled environment.

Do you like the new interface? I think the current Google search looks better.

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