Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Google NoteBook

Just release Google Notebook is an unclear product. On the one hand it offers direct competition with del.icio.us and other bookmarking services but on the other it asks you to download a browser extension and does not support tags. Is this the big surprise Google has prepared for us? I am sure that we will see this product adding features and growing but it feels like it was released too soon. Compared to Google Trends which was also released week it's just not good enough. Speaking of Google Trends, you can see that the USA is not the most dominant country in searching for the new product. Could it be that the Internet is international?

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Sr William said...

Heres a comment from a guy at Performancing. Thought I would try to think of something cool to say, but I cant. Good looking blog though.

Ohad Gliksman said...

sr william,
Thanks for the comment. You are one of the first users commenting who actually identify by name (unless anonymous is some guy's real name and he just comments all around)