Friday, September 29, 2006

How to get more RSS subscribers

Random visitors to my blog are nice but getting a new RSS subscriber to my feed is great. I feel that this is truly the most important parameter of a blog, how many people are monitoring it for new posts. So, how does one go and get more readers to subscribe?

  1. Place your RSS feed subscription in a prominent part of all pages to make it easier for readers to notice it
  2. Track the feed using services such as Feedburner to get more insight on what gets readers interested. (you might also want to consider using the non free ProStats for the reasons discussed in Pronet advertising's What I learned from FeedBurner TotalStats)
  3. Allow subscription via email to your RSS feed
  4. Set your posting frequency to one that your readers are comfortable with. Posting on regular times makes your reader expect your next post
  5. Insert call to action into your RSS feed. Allow people to forward via email or recommend this RSS to a friend
  6. And the most important one is ... Write stuff that your readers are interested in. I know that this is a real tricky one as no two readers are the same, but knowing your readers allows you to create better and most suited content for them.
I got the idea for this post from Conversion Rater's post named Believe It Or Not, This Blog is Growing which is a blog that I really like.

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