Saturday, September 02, 2006

Web stats from my blog

I have been using all sorts of web analytics software to try and find out what my users want and like. The too web analytics tools I currently use are 103Bees and Performancing Metrics.
I try to spend a few minutes every week seeing what posts were popular and which ones brought new traffic to my blog.
Here are some stats for you from last month's reports:
Most popular page was the homepage while the second most popular was Red Square game - a good way to pass the time.
The best referer to my blog was Keyword Misspelling Tool from Matt Cutts's Problogger followed by a search in Google for google vs office.
Most popular search term was red square game closely followed by clickdragtype hints
Top rated outbound link was Red Square

Does your site implement some sort of web analytics? If so what are you doing with those stats?

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