Monday, May 22, 2006

Moving on up

Some of our articles take time to write but it seems like the hard work is paying off. I have just finished reviewing links to Ohad's Internet News from other sites.
By using Google's advanced search, Technorati and the referers tracked by our web analytics I found the following links:
1. Successful blog by Liz Strauss which put us in her list of SOBs.
2. A site in German (probably about investment) referring to our Traffic based investment article.
3. Marketing Monger by Eric Mattson published a carnival of marketing in which he included the google trends review.
4. Check out Frugal For Life where the Carnival of personal finance # 49 links to my own making money online post.
5. the last possible moment, please accept Mighty Bargain Hunter who also links to our Traffic based investment in his Carnival of investment

Here's a promise to keep writing good posts worthy of your links.


OS said...

Keep up the good work, we are reading!

Ohad Gliksman said...

Thanks OS,
I sometimes get insecure and look for some feedback from my readers :)

I'll do my best to publish more interesting posts frequently.