Thursday, October 26, 2006

Adwords and email marketing similarities

Adwords campaigns have a lot in common with email marketing.
Their primary building blocks are:
1. Target audience and segmentation.
2. Subject line.
3. Call to action.
4. Landing page

Email marketing:

  • Most eCommerce sites ask their users to leave their email address for future communications. The collected email is stored in a list and can be segmented by various parameters such as Country, Gender and previous product acquisitions. To create an effective campaign, we need to figure out who our target audience is. If we try to sell an electronic gadget, it might make sense to target existing customers who bought a similar or related product.
  • Next up is the subject line. What many marketeers fail to understand is that this is the most important part of the campaign. Based on our copywriting skill, our potential customer decides whether or not to open this email!!! It's crucial to try several different subject lines and test them using a/b split tests before sending the whole campaign out the door. Remember, if your audience does not open the email, there is no chance of them buying a product.
  • The email body, also known as the sales pitch, is where we try to convince our potential customers to visit our website. In this place we want to send a clear and short message followed by a call to action. A call to action should be a link to a landing page on our site.
  • Landing page is where the actual action takes place. Here we show the customer, the product we wish to sell and try to get him to purchase it.

Adwords campaigns:
  • The first step in any adwords campaign is to figure out what search terms we want to show our ads on. The search terms should maintain some sort of logical connection to our product. If trying to sell an MP3 player, then MP3 and music players are relevant search terms.
  • Choosing a compelling ad title is what gets our potential customers to spend some time reading our ad. It should be short (under 25 characters) and clear. Most people know better then to spend their time on ads like "Just click here" or "The best offer ever". If your product offering is good, just let them know what it is.
  • The ad's text is our call to action. It should tease our viewers to click on it. A good message can be "Fine Wines from Around the World Offered at Consistently Low Prices.".
  • Like the email marketing campaign, this is where we show the goods to our (potential) customer and try to convince him to pull out his/hers credit card.

Can you see the similarities? Both marketing channels share similar steps. If you have a successful email marketing campaign, consider trying the same process in an adwords campaign and vise versa.

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